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The Master Cobbler seeks an experienced Shoe Repairer needed to perform a variety of general leather repairs and refinishes on shoes, belts, handbags, luggage and other materials. Operate repair machines such as sewers, stitchers and other finishing machines.


Call for Rick at 408.984.1591

      Job Description

  • Repairs or refinishes shoes following customer specifications, or according to nature of damage, or type of shoe.

  • Selects blank or cuts sole or heel piece to approximate size from material, using knife.

  • Brushes cement on new sole or heelpiece and on shoe welt and shoe heel.


    Trims sole or heel edge to shape of shoe with knife. *

  • Brushes edge with stain or polish and holds against revolving buffing wheels to polish edge.

  • Dampens portion of shoe and inserts and twists adjustable stretcher in shoes or pull portion of moistened shoe back and forth over warm iron to stretch shoe.

  • May quote charges, receive articles, and collect payment for repairs.

  • May repair belts, luggage, handbags, and other products made of materials, such as canvas, leather, plastic and satin.

  • Positions shoe on last and pulls and cuts off sole or heel with pincers and knife. 

  • Starts machine, and holds welt against rotating sanding wheel or rubs with sandpaper to bevel and roughen welt for attachment of new sole.

  • Positions sole over shoe welt or heel piece on shoe heel and pounds piece, using machine or hammer, so piece adheres to shoe; drives nails around sole or heel edge into shoe; or guides shoe and sole under needle of sewing machine to fasten sole to shoe.

  • Holds and turns shoe sole or heel against revolving abrasive wheel to smooth edge and remove excess material.

  • May mix and apply dyes to all materials.

  • Nails heel and toe cleats to shoe.

  • Re-stitches ripped portions or sews patches over holes in shoe uppers by hand or machine.

  • May build up portions of shoes by nailing, stapling, or stitching additional material to shoe sole to add height or make other specified alterations to orthopedic shoes.

  •  May perform other duties as required.

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