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Custom Dyeing Bridal Shoes To
Match Your Dress Is An Art

When custom dyeing bridal (or prom shoes) it is not possible to get a perfect color match due to the textural differences between the shoe fabric and the dress material being matched (unless your shoes were made from the same fabric as the dress). The Master Cobbler can ensure that when custom dyeing bridal shoes they will be dyed properly to blend as close to the hue and depth of color as humanly possible. Please stop by our shop to arrange having your bridal or prom shoes custom dyed by our master dyer.




Custom Dyed Shoes Look Different With Indoor & Outdoor
(Natural) Lighting

Whoever you get to custom dye your bridal or prom shoes, be sure to inform them as to what the lighting will be for your event. Ultraviolet light in the natural light spectrum will cause the color of your dyed bridal or prom shoes to look different outdoors from indoors. The color will also appear different between shaded areas and direct sun light. For example, beige peach and taupe dye will take on a pinkish hue outside while gray and blue tones acquire a purple tone. This cannot be avoided. We recommend custom dyeing your designer bridal shoes or prom shoes to match the lighting of wherever the service will be held.


Dyeing Bridal & Prom Shoes Won't Make
Them Water Resistant

Shoe dyes used for custom dyeing bridal, prom & wedding shoes (excluding color fast manufacturer dyes) are water-soluble and will bleed or stain if exposed to moisture. When custom dyeing bridal and prom footwear, protect your shoes with a water repellent spray but be sure the spray will work on your fabric and won’t alter the shoe color. The spray will prevent most staining but will not make your bridal or prom shoes waterproof. Please be aware that once sprayed, the shoes cannot be re-dyed. We recommend you keep your spray on hand in case of inclement weather and avoid spraying your bridal or prom shoes unless absolutely necessary.






Article excerpted from The Dyeable Shoe Store.

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